The Climate League Training Program


This program focuses on recruiting, developing and investing in burgeoning BIPOC leaders within the Climate Justice movement. The point of the program is to create new onramps to be a part of the 350 community and to invest in BIPOC leaders that are a part of this community. The program aims to create an inclusive pathway that centers the needs, experiences, volunteer styles, and organizing styles of BIPOC communities.

We recognize that traditionally the leadership of BIPOC activists has been uninvested in, undermined and overshadowed in white centered environmental organizations. This program aims to do the exact opposite. We want to engage, train, and sustain the leadership of BIPOC climate organizers and activists through various different means. We believe by investing in BIPOC leaders we create a stronger, more resilient and just movement to combat the fossil fuel industry and address climate impacts.


  1. Create a program to develop new leadership development pathways for BIPOC activists to join the 350’s network.
  2. Recruit and Engage BIPOC leaders from across the country in 350 campaigns and programs and build a network of leaders
  3. Facilitate the growth of new local groups being formed by BIPOC leaders and that have majority BIPOC membership
  4. Provide seed funding to those who finish the program for climate/ environmental issue project within their geographic region